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Food, Gambling, Television, Smoking, Dancing & Alcohol – Are Any of These a Sin?

Food, Gambling, Television, Smoking, Dancing & Alcohol – Are Any of These a Sin?

I doubt this entry will raise some eyebrows, especially since I came from the Bible Belt where my culture is conservative.

First, let me give you the disclaimer: I am not advocating nor giving permission to any of the items that I mention in this article. I can’t make choices for you, God doesn’t even do that. I’ll write and make your own decisions based on the knowledge you have and your own personal convictions poker pulsa.

Let me also clarify this entry by letting you know that your culture and geological location has a great influence on your belief system. Your views on the following subjects depend on where you live; what country, what state, the north, south, east or west, or even what city or part of a city you live in. Many people who go to church or call themselves Christians have a very radical and sometimes, extreme, belief system. In the South, many Christians are not to drink, smoke, gamble, or even dance. There are also some churches around floating a few extra legalistic teachings, such as not wearing make-up, women should wear dresses, and some places where women are allowed to speak in public church services.

Now let me ask you a few questions: Is it a sin to drink? Is it a sin to smoke? Is it a gamble to sin? Is it a sin to dance?

Let me add a couple more questions to the above list: Is it a sin to watch tv? Is it a sin to eat?

Most of us would answer yes to the above questions.

Let me give you some simple anecdotes for gazing whether or not something is a sin:

-Do you control it, or does it control you?

-Do you do it in excess?

-What does the Bible say about it?

-Does it bother your conscience (or the Holy Spirit) when you do it?

-Have you prayed about it?

Now please do not get me wrong and tell me that I am advocating all or any of the above activities, I am not. I just want you to think about yourself, not others right now. Think about where you live and what you believe. Why do you believe the things you do? Is it in the Bible? Is it your family, friends, or even your church?

Is it something you have always done? Maybe motivated by tradition or religious customs.

I want to submit to you I say that I am not religious, yet I do religious activities every week. (The Bible does not give us a step by step program for a church service, for example). It is not wrong but God desires a relationship, he is not looking for a religious person to proclaiming a Christian. There is a difference.

Let me ask you a few more questions:

Which is worse, Drinking a glass of wine once a week or over-eating compulsively?

Is gluttony any less a sin than drunkenness?

If a person goes to a casino once a year and gambles is that much worse than watching 3 hours of television daily?

Hey I am not endorsing anything, and I am not giving you permission to do anything, I just want you to think.

Is it wrong to go to a ball and dance, Is it wrong to dance in church?

Yes, there is a difference. Dancing has been distorted by the world. But I am not going there. I can’t dance anyways, I am a white male 🙂 I just want you to think about the motivations behind your beliefs.

Here’s one more question:

Is it worse to smoke or to be a fat, lazy inactive person?

I guess you could see my thoughts on the subject embedded in my question. I don’t smoke, but I am not a slob either.

Most Christians say that it is wrong to drink alcohol, smoke, gamble and dance. However they do not think that it is wrong to overeat or watch television all day long.

Let me say this about eating, Eating is a necessity. This is the only thing that we have mentioned that must be done. If you don’t eat, you die.

That said, overeating could also be a vice, just like drinking, smoking, gambling, sex, & television. If you do it too much then it is probably controlling you. If it controls you, it is your God.

There is a word that I like very much; It is called “balance”. I do not like judgmental Christians. Religious pharisees for his disdain with Jesus Christ.

Let me give you some other thoughts on balance:

-Jesus tells us not to cause anyone to stumble by our actions. So if someone sees me drinking then they can think for themselves, it’s ok. However, I may drink every once in a while and they may turn into an alcoholic. So I don’t drink,; At least not in public.

– If we feel guilty of our actions, we shouldn’t do it. But why do we feel guilty when we drink and we don’t feel guilty when we overeat or live?

If your neighbors conscience, do you not smoke?

Let me sum up for now this is a poker.

Teen Betting Addiction Can Be an Actual Difficulty

Teen Betting Addiction Can Be an Actual Difficulty

Teen gaming is getting increasingly more of the issue with just about every passing season. Teen-agers will bet online video gaming together with their buddies and gamble on the web, and participate in poker matches with pals. This issue is becoming a growing number of teenagers participate in gaming in 1 type or the other.

Various studies have demonstrated that betting in adolescents is really on the upswing and it can not appear to be slowing . Even the glamorizing of poker matches from actors online has received a poor effect on adolescents bandar poker online.

These adolescents think that gaming could be your path to easy cash and massive amounts of money. They imagine gaming to become a intriguing dream-world they would like to become a portion of.

Betting addiction can happen very readily in such adolescents on account of the adrenaline that happens although engaging at a gaming task. Research has also demonstrated that adolescents may get hooked very quickly, also it is far more difficult to interrupt up the gaming dependency habit when beginning at this a youthful age.

The Impacts of the teenager gaming difficulty are follows:

Inch. Cutting faculty, as well as with unexplained absences.
2. Poor levels which eventually become even worse and even worse
3. Currency issues and depositing income from your parents

4. Consistently needing cash for defectively clarified grounds.
5. Preoccupation with betting and also societal isolation, besides for gaming close friends.
6. Engaging informs of prohibited behaviour.
7. The use of alcohol and drugs.
8. Unexplained feeling varies.
9. Bad sleep behavior and also hygiene.

What exactly do parents do once they guess their adolescent has a gaming issue or gaming dependence? Considering that every circumstance differs, there’s absolutely no”one size fits all remedy”. But there certainly are some affairs you may certainly do.

Inch. Insist your teen ager visits a therapist or counsel. A professional in gaming dependence is going to undoubtedly be your very best option. Your very first semester is going to be understood being a intervention.
2. Make certain your teen ager doesn’t have any accessibility to credit or cash cards and also maintain your credit and cash cards secured up thus that your adolescent doesn’t have any accessibility with it particular.
3. You adolescent will likely not admit which he or she comes with a gaming issue or gaming dependence. That really does not issue in the start, yet. You’re the mother or father and also you are able to pick exactly the intervention.
4. Insist your teen ager visit a Gamblers Anonymous or other 12 Measure team. You may see a Gam Anon meeting that’s usually adjoining doorway into the Gamblers Anonymous assembly.